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Rally Japan - minor corrections

I have made some minor corrections to the scores - my tired eyes let me down but all good now...

Sunday 19th November 2023 17:07:10 pm UTC

Rally Japan - season end wrap

After several years of finishing second, Team Spain finally take a victory in the country league standings. It was a very comfortable victory in the end, made possible by the incredible support from our Spanish players. Team Ireland finish second 535 points off the pace, and 71 points clear of Team UK in third.

It's a similar story in the Personal League standings. Our biggest and most successful personal league this year is Jorge Fotoracing's RallyCast league. 417 points back is George A's WRC Live Twitterati 2023 league, and Martin Meijome's Pé Á Chapa Racing takes the final podium position.

The fans league table was rightly topped by fans of Craig Breen. Kalle Rovanperä finished runner up and Sébastien Ogier third.

I think that's pretty much it for this year. The competition WILL be back in January so please do come back for some more Fantasy WRC fun. The competition will be open early January, once I have some idea who will be driving in Monte.

Thanks for playing. See you in a couple of months!

Sunday 19th November 2023 07:07:10 am UTC

Rally Japan - final results updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally Japan.

It's a rally win for Rex Rex who scored 2276 points this weekend. Rex jumps 7 positions to finish the year in 5th position overall.

It was getting a bit close at times this weekend but I'm delighted to announce our Fantasy WRC Champion for 2023 is Jonathan Chase. Jonathan has been in a podium position since Croatia and has been in the top 2 since Portugal but leads at the most important time of the season. Bravo.

Our runner up is Teiden Rubinstein who finished 334 points off the lead pace. Teiden never led the competition but has been making steady progress all year and has been in the top 3 since Greece.

Completing the podium is Adam Entwistle. This is Adams first time on the podium all year so a well timed challenge to take the final virtual star.

Sunday 19th November 2023 06:53:09 am UTC

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