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   Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo
The next event is Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo which gets underway in around 52 days.
The drivers for this event have NOT been updated yet. This will be updated when the official entry list is published.
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48 teams are entered for this rally. 1500 Privateer entries remain available.

Fantasy WRC 2023

I am not planning on making any material changes to the competition for next year. However, finding myself recently unemployed (no, I didn't work for Twitter!), I do have some time to fill over the next few months.

So if there are any niggles or annoyances on the website that you'd like me to look at, or any additional stats/info you'd like to see that will improve your enjoyment of the competition, do let me know.


Sunday 20th November 2022 10:54:24 am UTC

Coming Soon - Fantasy WRC 2023

Work is currently underway on preparing the competition for 2023.

The final standings for the 2022 competition can be seen in the Archives menu.

Friday 18th November 2022 09:27:04 am UTC

Rally Japan - scores updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally Japan.

It's a rally win for Jane K with a score of 2290. Jane jumps 22 positions to finish the year in 34th position overall.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, but I can finally confirm that Jaakko P is the Fantasy WRC Champion of 2022. Congratulations!!!

Sami R finishes in runners up position, and Eetu Marjamäki holds on to the final podium spot.

Finnish players have dominated this year and have locked out the top 6 positions in the overall league standings.

And it's heartbreak for Team Spain. Despite leading the country league table after every rally since Monaco, Team Finland finished the stronger and pipped them to the title by just 16 points! Spain have to make do with runners up spot for the third year running.

Jorge Fotoracing's RallyCast wins the personal league championship this year, with Antti L's Flying Finns in runners up spot. Martin Meijome's Pé Á Chapa Racing makes a late claim for third.

Thanks to all of those that played this year, and especially to those that have donated to support the competition. It will return next year, so hopefully many of you will return in January for the next installment!

Sunday 13th November 2022 07:09:15 am UTC

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% of 2023 costs covered by donations.


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