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Competition Summary
Status Open
Last Updated 01 Jan 20 00:00 GMT
Next Event Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo
Cut-Off 23 Jan 20 19:38 GMT
Total Entries 7

If you want to make an early start...

There's not much that can be done until the entry list for Monaco is published, but if you're keen to get started you can now create your entry for our 2020 competition. There aren't many drivers to choose from but if you create your team it's one less thing to do in January, right?

You can set up your personal leagues and get it all ready for the big rush, which will also allow you plenty of time to drum up interest and maybe challenge Antti L's "F1-Forum" league that romped home to win the league of leagues in 2019.

Also, the website has had a bit on an overhaul so it would be useful for folk to give it a look nice and early just in case there's any bugs for me to fix.

Is it January yet?

Friday 15th November 2019 13:12:46 pm GMT

Fantasy WRC 2020

This is where you will find our Fantasy WRC competition.

Things aren't quite ready for your entries yet. The competition will be launched early January 2020. Please check back nearer the time for more details.

If you are looking for the final standings of our 2019 competition you can find them at the following link;

Friday 15th November 2019 01:31:20 am GMT

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