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   Rally Spain
The next event is Rally Spain which gets underway in around 12 days.
The drivers for this event have been updated. Any drivers on the entry list not available on this site can be added on request.
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2059 teams are entered for this rally. 507 entries remain available.

Rally New Zealand - scores are in

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally New Zealand.

It's a rally win for Jaakko P with a score of 2819. Jaakko was already top of the overall league standings so extends that lead to 554 points!

Sami R returns to second position, 609 points ahead of Matti L in third.

Next up is Rally Spain. You can now update your driver line-up for this rally.

Sunday 2nd October 2022 07:05:47 am GMT

Email Reminders / Updates

Good news for those with a Manufacturer account and multiple entries in this competition. Your email reminders and competition updates (if switched on) will no longer send an email for each team, but instead a single email containing details of all of your entries.

All players are able to receive reminders by email for this competition. You can switch these on in the My Account > Game Settings section. Particularily useful if you're a bit forgetful.

Sunday 18th September 2022 10:37:49 am GMT

Acropolis Rally - updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Acropolis Rally.

Matti L holds on to the rally win with a score of 2614. Matti jumps 19 positions to sit 9th in the overall league standings.

Jaakko P continues to lead the overall standings with Markus K (our 2018 runner up) moving in to second position 206 points off the lead pace. Sami R moves down to third a further 24 points adrift.

Finland moves up to 2nd in the country league table only 66 points behind league leaders Spain. Finland are also making progress in the Personal League Table with Antti L's Flying Finns moving in to second position 296 points behind Jorge Fotoracing's RallyCast league.

It's Rally New Zealand next up in a little under 3 weeks. You can now update your driver line-up ahead of this rally.

Sunday 11th September 2022 12:43:56 pm GMT

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