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Safari Rally Kenya
This event closes in around 26 days.
Driver Transfers are currently disabled.
Click Here for a summary of this event.
There are 2218 teams entered for this event.
There have been 2 driver changes for this event.

And off we go!

Congratulations to those of you that have managed to get your entry in ahead of the opening rally. Your driver selections have now been frozen until the completion of the rally.

If you're here late the competition is still open, although you won't be able to select any drivers until after Sunday, ready for Rally Sweden.

Stage scores will be updated periodically over the weekend although in order to track your teams progress stage by stage you will need to have a Manufacturer Account. The scores will be available for all to see after the completion of the rally on Sunday.

Good Luck!!!

Thursday 25th January 2024 19:35:57 pm UTC

Last few days to enter

Just a few days left to create your team and pick your drivers for the upcoming rally which gets underway on Thursday.

New here? Why not get involved. It’s fun and it’s free, and you can create your own league if you have rally chums that you think may be interested.

Don’t delay - every rally counts!!!

Saturday 20th January 2024 16:08:29 pm UTC

Rally1 or not Rally1

New for this year is a league table based on team scores for all classes except Rally1. It's just a bit of extra fun as a number of people were picking teams with just Rally2 drivers.

How do I enter?.

You are automatically entered when you create a FantasyWRC entry. Although for this extra league any points scored by a Rally1 entry will not be included.

Will the points be different?.

No. Points awarded to drivers will be no different to the points awarded for the main league standings. The only exception being Rally1 entries in your team will be awarded 0 points regardless.

Does this change the main competition in any way?.

No. The main competition will continue exactly as it did before. If you're not interested in this extra league that's fine - just ignore it and leave it to folk that want to play along.


Why not? Any folk that have been kind enough to donate can enter up to 5 entries - so having a Rally2 team may add a new challenge for the upcoming season.

Thursday 18th January 2024 16:49:42 pm UTC

Entry List for Monte is now out!

The drivers here have now been updated following the release of the entry list for the Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo. Fantasy WRC 2024 is finally underway.

For those of you new to the site not all drivers are listed here. If there's a driver on the entry list you want to select that is not available here, drop me a note via the contact page and I will add them.

Monday 8th January 2024 12:03:34 pm UTC

Entry List for Monte expected next week

The entry list for Monte is expected next week. Drivers available for selection will be updated here when available but in the meantime you can make a start on creating your team and setting up your personal leagues.

Also, after much deliberation, I have decided NOT to change the scoring format for this competition in light of the FIA changes to championship points. We'll just carry on as we were, and have done for many years prior.

Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday 2nd January 2024 21:52:26 pm UTC

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Fantasy WRC Legends  
1stGarry Pearson183065
2ndMattia Sillo174963
3rdColin Service174758

Fantasy WRC Champions  
2023Jonathan Chase
2022Jaakko P......
2021Sebastian S......
2020Petteri L......
2019Stan D......
2018Robert Oczkowski
2016Keith Emery
2015Eskild G......

Rally Winners 2024  
1Mattia Sillo2326
1Paul Mackinnon2326
2André Nodland Stenberg2560