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Croatia Rally
This event closes in around 4 days.
Driver Transfers are currently enabled.
Click Here for a summary of this event.
There are 2246 teams entered for this event.
There have been 2940 driver changes for this event.

Safari Rally Kenya - results are in

The scores and league tbales have been updated with the results of Safari Rally Kenya.

The rally win is shared between Niklas K and Gary S who each scored 2678 this weekend. Nicklas jumps from 1071st to 312th in the overall standings, Gary (a late entry who missed Monaco) jumped from 2071st to 1712th.

Shaun Harding is the new overall leader by 3 points over Tobias P in second. Vedran V is a further 22 points adrift in third.

Norway leads the country league and, unsurprisingly, RallyCast continues to lead the personal league standings.

It's the Croatia Rally next up in less than 3 weeks time. You are now able to update your driver line-up for this rally.

Sunday 31st March 2024 19:55:08 pm UTC

Safari Rally Kenya

The rally is now underway and teams are locked in. As usual you can expect stage scores to be updated throughout the weekend.

We're in for quite a spectacle if the opening minutes of the super special are anything to go by!!!

Thursday 28th March 2024 11:14:34 am UTC

Safari Rally Kenya - Entry List published

The entry list for the upcoming Safari Rally Kenya has now been published and drivers here have been updated.

There's around 3 weeks to go until action is due to get underway so remember to update your team ahead of the scheduled starting time of SS1.

As usual, any drivers on the entry list not available here can be added on request.

Monday 4th March 2024 19:04:20 pm UTC

Email Issues

I am currently investigating an issue with the site not sending out emails which, apparently, have not been working for several days.

So in the short term, if you need any help with password resets or account activations please either DM me via Twitter/X (@fantasy_wrc) or send an email to contact @ fantasywrc . com.

Normal service will, hopefully, resume shortly.


Monday 19th February 2024 09:39:24 am UTC

Rally Sweden - scores updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally Sweden.

It's a rally win for André Nodland Stenberg . André notched an impressive 2560 points thanks to Lappi, Evans, Fourmaux, Solberg, Pajari and Munster - and jumps more than 1300 positions to sit 52nd in the overall league standings.

Pedro Landeta now leads the overall standings 10 points ahead of Alistair F in second, Hasnain A is a further 49 points back in third.

The three top scorers for the Rally2 league all have silverware already. Eetu Marjamäki was third overall in 2022, Petteri L was our 2020 winner and Garry Pearson was third in 2018 and is also our current Fantasy WRC legends leader! All three managed to score a credible 1342 points without any Rally1 contribution.

Garry also leads our overall Rally2 league standings after 2 events, 39 points clear of Miguel F. Andrés Del Bustio is a further 48 points back in third.

It's Safari Rally Kenya next up. The entry list is yet to be published but as soon as it has the drivers will be updated here and transfers will be re-enabled.

Sunday 18th February 2024 22:29:34 pm UTC

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Fantasy WRC Legends  
1stGarry Pearson185365
2ndMattia Sillo177168
3rdGraeme Welsh176856

Fantasy WRC Champions  
2023Jonathan Chase
2022Jaakko P......
2021Sebastian S......
2020Petteri L......
2019Stan D......
2018Robert Oczkowski
2016Keith Emery
2015Eskild G......

Rally Winners 2024  
1Mattia Sillo2326
1Paul Mackinnon2326
2André Nodland Stenberg2560
3Gary S......2678
3Niklas K......2678