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Rally Poland
This event closes in around 6 days.
Driver Transfers are currently enabled.
Click Here for a summary of this event.
There are 2264 teams entered for this event.
There have been 1633 driver changes for this event.

Rally Poland - drivers updated

The drivers have been updated with the entries for Rally Poland. As usual, any driver on the entry list not available here can be added on request.

Wednesday 5th June 2024 13:00:50 pm UTC

Rally Italia Sardegna

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally Italia Sardegna.

The best score posted this weekend was 2370 which 8 players managed to achieve.

We have a new outright leader! Jose Manuel P moves into top spot just 12 points ahead of Shaun Harding who stays second. Our previous leader Andrew Blackwood drops to third, just 28 points off the lead pace.

It's Rally Poland next up although the entry list is yet to be published. Drivers here will be updated when available, at which time you'll be able to update your driver selections.

Sunday 2nd June 2024 11:50:34 am UTC

Rally de Portugal - results are in

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally de Portugal.

It's rally win for Lois M with a score of 2377. Lois moves up to 1420th position in the overall standings having won with a line-up chosen for Monte!!!

Andrew Blackwood now leads the overall standings 57 points ahead of Shaun Harding. Jose Manuel P is a further 72 points behind in third.

Team Spain move ahead in the country league standings for the first time this year pushing Team Norway down to third. Team UK manage to hold on to second spot.

It's Rally Italia Sardegna next in around 3 weeks. You can now update your drivers for this event.

Sunday 12th May 2024 14:33:18 pm UTC

Croatia Rally - results are in

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results for Croatia Rally.

There were 7 teams sharing the rally win with 2307 points. Well done to Marcos Fdez, Evan Walsh, Mark W, Kirsten Solli, Rafael G, Roi Rodriguez R and Eskild G.

Shaun Harding holds on to the overall lead 70 points clear of Graeme Welsh. BeÑat Mancisidor is 5 points further off the lead pace in third.

It's Rally de Portugal next in 3 weeks time. I'm just updating the drivers for this event after which driver transfers will be enabled.

Sunday 21st April 2024 16:03:30 pm UTC

Croatia Results

I am travelling during the afternoon loop on Saturday so results will be delayed. Please check back later for an up to date leaderboard.

Saturday 20th April 2024 09:52:44 am UTC

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Fantasy WRC Legends  
1stGarry Pearson190440
2ndGraeme Welsh182745
3rdMattia Sillo182149

Fantasy WRC Champions  
2023Jonathan Chase
2022Jaakko P......
2021Sebastian S......
2020Petteri L......
2019Stan D......
2018Robert Oczkowski
2016Keith Emery
2015Eskild G......

Rally Winners 2024  
1Mattia Sillo2326
1Paul Mackinnon2326
2André Nodland Stenberg2560
3Gary S......2678
3Niklas K......2678
4Mark W......2307
4Rafael G......2307
4Eskild G......2307
4Evan Walsh2307
4Kirsten Solli2307
4Roi Rodriguez R......2307
4Marcos Fdez2307
5Lois M......2377
6Riku H......2370
6David L......2370
6Fernando Leite2370
6Mat Smith2370
6Michi B......2370
6Ville H......2370
6Indrek N......2370
6Rubén Reyes2370