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   Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo
The next event is Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo which gets underway in around 52 days.
The drivers for this event have NOT been updated yet. This will be updated when the official entry list is published.
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48 teams are entered for this rally. 1500 Privateer entries remain available.

Thank You!!!

A huge thank you to those that have made a donation this year. For the first time ever, Fantasy WRC has been 100% funded by you, the players.

Therefore, for the remainder of the year, viewing restrictions have been lifted for all players during a rally weekend. Any additional donations are welcome and will go towards next years fund raising target.

Your kind words and fabulous support is very much appreciated!


Friday 9th September 2022 18:34:24 pm UTC

New Site Theme Available

A new website theme has been added and is available for selection for those with a Manufacturer account.

If you're a Loeb Fan, or an M-Sport Fan, or just like Purple, the theme is available for selection via the Account » My Account » Game Settings.

Other themes can be added on request - I'm nice like that.

Friday 2nd September 2022 08:08:43 am UTC

Changes are coming.... soon.

In order to secure the future of Fantasy WRC, and to keep a lid on costs, some changes are coming here soon. Thanks to those that took the time to respond to the previous post on this subject - your feedback is appreciated and has helped shape the changes I am proposing.

Thank you also to those that have made donations recently - many of whom had already donated. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

First up - there will be no advertisements. Many people have said they would be happy to tolerate the adverts but I've seen how the site will look with ads and I didn't like it. So that's not going to not happen. Therefore the only real option is to try and encourage players to donate towards the costs of keeping this competition up and running. So the following changes will apply to those with a Privateer account only.

From 2023 onwards there will be a limit on the number of players that can participate. That number will be driven by the level of funding available. Once this limit has been reached only those with a Manufacturer account will be able to enter.

With immediate effect certain pages will be unavailable during a Rally for Privateer accounts. This will include the LIVE league table during a rally, and the ability to view other teams drivers during an event. You can still view all of these details once the rally is complete.

There are other benefits to donating too. You can choose to rebrand your version of Fantasy WRC using the themes available in the My Account section. 3 alternative themes are currently available - Scooby, Kalle and Elfyn. I am also working on a DARK contrast theme which will be available soon. Others themes can be created on request (within reason).

This is not about making money from Fantasy WRC, but it's important to try and make it self sufficient. If all costs are covered by donations then any restrictions will be lifted for all players.

The short term future of Fantasy WRC is safe. I am committed to running the competition next year, but beyond that it will be dependant on the level of support offered by the players.

Again, any feedback on this is welcome via the contact page. I promise to stop moaning now.

Wednesday 31st August 2022 08:28:36 am UTC

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% of 2023 costs covered by donations.


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