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   Safari Rally Kenya
The next event is Safari Rally Kenya which gets underway in around 16 days.
The drivers for this event have been updated. Any drivers on the entry list not available on this site can be added on request.
Click here to view a Fantasy WRC summary for this rally.
2636 teams are entered for this rally. 605 Privateer entries remain available.

Croatia Rally - Entry List Published

The entry list for the upcoming Croatia Rally has been published and drivers have been updated here and are ready for selection.

As usual, any driver on the entry list can be added. If there's somebody you want to select that isn't already available, drop me a note via the contact page and I'll get them added.

Monday 27th March 2023 22:39:05 pm UTC

Rally Mexico - scores updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the final results from this weekends Rally Mexico.

It's a rally win for Rally Paradise and Daniel A who each scored 2107 points from this event. Mike Rooij, Ruben Nimo and Ander Kerejeta each share third place just 11 points off the lead pace.

Martin Meijome's Pé Á Chapa Racing maintains a lead in the personal league standings, Jorge Fotoracing's RallyCast 4 points back in second. George A's WRC Live Twitterati 2023 jumps to third.

Team Spain take over from Team Ireland in the country league table, who drop to third. Team Finland split them both in second position.

Next up is Croatia. The driver selections will be re-enabled once the entry list is published for this rally.

Sunday 19th March 2023 19:55:11 pm UTC

Rally Mexico - it’s nearly time

Rally Mexico is almost here - don’t forget to update your driver line-up ahead of the opening stage.

At the time of writing this Kalle is still by far the most popular choice despite losing a few hundred supporters. Oliver Solberg is the second most popular, Esapekka Lappi third.

Wednesday 15th March 2023 17:36:19 pm UTC

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