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   Rally Spain
The next event is Rally Spain which gets underway in around 12 days.
The drivers for this event have been updated. Any drivers on the entry list not available on this site can be added on request.
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2059 teams are entered for this rally. 507 entries remain available.

The Future of Fantasy WRC?

First off - I enjoy running Fantasy WRC. I hope to be able to do so for many more years to come. But there is a small issue that puts the future of this competition in doubt.

I give up my time freely. It's a hobby I enjoy, and have done so for more than 20 years - and it's great that some of you have stuck around throughout. I am thankful you for your support.

The current cost of running Fantasy WRC is now around £1,000 / €1200 each year. It's not a huge amount, and thankfully donations cover about 30% of that. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify the personal cost.

So what are the options?

Option 1 : Advertising

Personally, I hate advertisments on websites. They can be intrusive and also mean I have to keep asking people to accept cookies and other tedious actions. But if it can help cover the funding shortfall it may be a necessary step.

Option 2 : Donations

I was hoping donations would be enough to cover the expenses of running this site but every year this falls some way short of what is required. This year I have received 39 donations totalling £326. Is there anything Fantasy WRC can improve on to encourage more donations? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Option 3 : Time to call it a day?

I truly hope it doesn't come to this, but as things stand I cannot continue to fund the website at the current levels for too much longer. Like everything else it's getting more and more expensive each year and is becoming increasingly difficult to justify.

Option 4 : Any ideas?

I don't have an option 4 but if you have any ideas I'd be delighted to hear from you.

It's an awkward message and I had hoped it would never be necessary, but there it is. The struggle is real.

If you have any ideas or feedback on the above please get in touch via the contact page.


Sunday 21st August 2022 16:03:41 pm GMT

Ypres Rally Belgium - updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Ypres Rally Belgium.

It's a rally win for Radomir H who scored 2698 points with a line-up of Tänak, Rovanperä, Evans, Solberg, Lefebvre and Ingram. Radomir jumps 53 positions to sit in 18th in the overall league standings.

The Finnish dominance continues at the top of the overall standings locking out the top 7 positions. Jaakko P still leads Sami R by 119 points, Timo H 106 points further back in third.

Spains leads in the country league table is trimmed back to just 71 points after a bumber score by the UK, Finland surprisingly only third, a further 176 points off the lead pace.

Jorge Fotoracing's Rallycast league continues to set the pace in the private league standings now with a 319 point gap back to Chris E's WRC Live Twitterati 2022 in second. Antti L's Flying Finns drops to third.

Next up is the Acropolis Rally in a little over 2 weeks time. You can now update your driver line-up ahead of this rally.

Sunday 21st August 2022 13:19:14 pm GMT

Suninen DSQ

Scores have been corrected to take into account Teemu Suninen's disqualification from the final results of Rally Finland.

As per previous disqualifications, Teemu will keep his points for the individual stages but receives no points for the final standings.

Sunday 7th August 2022 22:17:14 pm GMT

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% of 2022 costs covered by donations.


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