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   Rally Sweden
The next event is Rally Sweden which gets underway in around 8 days.
The drivers for this event have been updated. Any drivers on the entry list not available on this site can be added on request.
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2443 teams are entered for this rally. 448 Privateer entries remain available.

Last Call for Monte Entries

The season opener at Monte is set to get underway TODAY so if you're playing along this year remember to get your team registered.

Driver selections will be frozen at the scheduled start time of SS1.

Thursday 19th January 2023 09:16:14 am UTC


Apologies - some of you haven’t been able to view the league tables. These are now available for all to see.

League tables should always be available - the only exception is whilst a rally is running, where ‘live updates’ for the current rally are available only to those with a Manufacturer account.

Anyway - all fixed now.

Tuesday 17th January 2023 21:55:40 pm UTC

Rallye Monte-Carlo ‘23 - entry list confirmed!

The entry list for Monte has been published and the drivers have been updated here at Fantasy WRC.

Any driver is eligible to be included in the competition, so if your chosen driver isn't currently on the list of available drivers, and they're on the entry list, let me know and I'll get them added.

The rally gets underway NEXT WEEK so don't leave it too late to get your driver line-up sorted. Driver selections will be frozen at the scheduled start time of the opening stage.

Good luck!

Monday 9th January 2023 15:20:40 pm UTC

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