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   Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo
The next event is Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo which gets underway in around 55 days.
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Rally Japan - final results updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of Rally Japan.

It's a rally win for Rex Rex who scored 2276 points this weekend. Rex jumps 7 positions to finish the year in 5th position overall.

It was getting a bit close at times this weekend but I'm delighted to announce our Fantasy WRC Champion for 2023 is Jonathan Chase. Jonathan has been in a podium position since Croatia and has been in the top 2 since Portugal but leads at the most important time of the season. Bravo.

Our runner up is Teiden Rubinstein who finished 334 points off the lead pace. Teiden never led the competition but has been making steady progress all year and has been in the top 3 since Greece.

Completing the podium is Adam Entwistle. This is Adams first time on the podium all year so a well timed challenge to take the final virtual star.

Sunday 19th November 2023 06:53:09 am UTC

Rally Japan - after Stage 16

Outright leader Jonathan Chase has his lead cut but still holds an advantage of 239 points over Teiden Rubinstein. Pablo Saa Rodríguez is a further 76 points back in third but there's a lot of teams outscoring the leaders in the top 10 that could have something to say in the final outcome once the big points are added on Sunday.

Power Stage have never been so important and could have a huge influence on this years winner.

Can't wait!

Saturday 18th November 2023 11:16:25 am UTC

Rally Japan - after Stage 8

The Fantasy WRC Championship is far from over, but Jonathan Chase is the favourite to succeed at the moment. Where do the leading contenders loyalties lie?

Jonathan currently leads by 252 and has a line- up of EVA (1), LAP (7), KAT (9), KOV (10), SOR (-) and FOU (-). All other front runners have NEU (-), but not Jonathan.

The nearest challenger Teiden Rubinstein has EVA (1), ROV (3), MUN (5), KOV (10), CHW (15) and NEU (-) and could certainly challenge for top spot if things continue as they are.

Down to third is Pablo Saa Rodríguez who is the only team of front runners that didn't pick Evans. Pablo will be hoping Rovanperä can come good with both Sordo and Neuville finding trouble. ROV (3), GRY (6), KOV (10), KAJ (11), SOR (-), NEU (-)

There's a 236 point gap back to 4th but that's not insurmountable. Will anybody else burst into the top 3? We'll find out later.

Friday 17th November 2023 11:57:09 am UTC

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