What's New (for Aug 2022)

A few changes for Privateer accounts have been implemented.

These changes have been implemented to encourage donations to try and make Fantasy WRC self funding.

What's New (for 2022)

Quite a lot of work has been done on the site ahead of the 2022 season, but the competition format remains unchanged.

Most importantly (for me) the database that sits behind it has been completely redesigned to improve performance, (hopefully) reduce costs, and provide more detailed stats than ever before. With that in mind, if anything looks strange please let me know ASAP and I'll get it fixed.

One-Click Driver Transfers

A confirmation screen was added a few years ago when removing a driver from your team. This was because a few folk accidentally removed drivers from their team without realising until it was too late. If you're a little less 'fat fingered' and would like to speed up the transfer process, you can turn off 'Transfer Confirmations' in your My Account settings.

Now with added Co-Drivers!

Co-Drivers are an important part of the crew, and it's only right that they get a mention here at FantasyWRC. Co-Drivers will now be listed along with the drivers on the relevant pages.

Follow Certain Teams

Many of you like to track certain teams. Whether that's a rival in the Legend's league, or just somebody you have to beat. You can now add teams to your Followed Teams list and display all of those entries on a single page. Click on the [heart] symbol on the league table, then you can view your chosen teams in a single table, called 'Following' in the Leagues menu. Please note - you can only follow up to 25 teams at any one time.

Followed Teams - see all drivers at once!

If you choose to follow certain teams, you can now see their selected drivers all at once on the Follow league table. You can still only see drivers for Rally's that have passed their cut-off though - so no snooping!

More Results!

The driver stats pages have been reworked and now you can see how many FantasyWRC points drivers have earnt since the beginning of 2000. You can drill down to see detailed Stage Scores, Rally Scores or even Career Scores! (some people may be interested in that - I thought it was fun to do). Career scores are also available for co-drivers too. All this information is available under the 'Driver Stats' menu.

Unfortunately detailed FantasyWRC competition scores are unavailable prior to 2020 due to compatibility issues, although final scores and positions since 2015 are available for the Legends League calculations.

How unique is your team?

You can now see how many other entries currently have the same driver line-up as you. You can see this on your 'My Drivers' page in the heading for your selected drivers.

Country League is back!

There is quite a diverse population of players here at FantasyWRC. It's only right we keep tabs on which country is best at picking the results. The league will work in the same way as the other leagues (top team scores for their country) and will be based on your selected flag at the time the scores are updated.

Fans League?

The fans league has never really got much traction but I'll give it another year before deciding whether it stays. Remember, you can select your favourite driver (past or present) and see if you can win them the Fan's league. All drivers that have scored a FantasyWRC point since Monte 2000 are available for selection.

League Table changes

The league tables now contain information specific to the latest rally. You can also click on the flags in the top right of the screen to see the league standings as at completion of each individual rally.

Historical Stuff

All league tables from 2020 onwards are available to view in the 'Archives' menu. So, for example, if you were leading the overall standings after Estonia 2020 you can now go and look at the league standings after that event and have a little smile to yourself.

What's New (for 2021)

If there's one good thing that's come from the global pandemic, it's the opportunity to spend a bit more quality time getting the competition ready for a new seasons racing. So what have I been spending my time on?

Well, as well as giving the site a bit of a refresh there's a few new features worth mentioning.

Legends League

Your scores from each year will no longer be wiped, but instead added to the Legends League to see how you're doing against all other players that have played over multiple years. The table will be updated on completion of each rally, so you can keep track of your progress throughout the year. Your Legends position is also displayed on the current league table.

If you've finished in the top 3 in any year you'll also be recognised by having a Gold, Silver or Bronze star alongside your entries on all league tables.

If you click on a players name on the Legends League table you can see their game history too.

Fans League

From 2021. We all have our favourite driver(s), right? Well submit your favourite driver in your Account details and your score could be used to propel your driver up the Fans League standings. The top scoring fan for each driver will have their score added to the drivers total - the driver with the best fans wins! They may even thank you for it!

Email Reminders

You can now choose to receive reminders approximately 48 hours prior to the cut-off for each event, to prompt you to review your team selections. Additionally, you may also want reminders when the scores are updated - you can update these settings in your Account area.


The statistics pages have had a bit of a refresh. You can now see how many times each driver has been selected in real time. Also, you can see which drivers are returning the best 'Value for Money'.

Season High / Low

The league table will now include the best & worst positions you've held in the league table for the season. Due to space restrictions (particularly for those using small screens) only the latest score for each team will be displayed. However a full breakdown of scoring for every team is available by clicking on the team name.

Private Leagues

If you're running your own league you can now include a link to your Facebook / Twitter account which will be displayed on the Private League table.